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CHC 1103 B

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CHC 1103 B is a complete and reliable instrument to manoeuvre from a distance the windlass and controlling the length of chain lowered through the LCD display graphic.
CHC 1103 B is constructed with rubber inserts to ensure high strength, long durability, perfect watertightness, and a secure grip. 


  • Cable extensible up to 4.2 metres
  • Watertight deck plug and socket
  • Support bracket for stowing after use.  
  • Available with integrated LED light as standard
  • Can also be used in warping winch operations.
  • Maintenance-free. 

Main features

• Simple user-friendly interface.
• Information displayed in 5 different languages.
• Automatic lowering function.
• Up alarm function.
• Locked keys function.
• Can also be used in winch operations.
• Windlass management with auto free fall.
• Anchor recovery function in case of sensor failure.
• Chain speed displayed.
• Supply voltage displayed.
• Depth of chain lowered shown in meters, feet or fathoms.
• Graphic LCD display screen that can be easily read at various angles.
• Backlight display screen with 5 brightness levels.
• 5 different display contrast levels can be set.
• Automatic display contrast compensation according to environmental temperature.
• Universal power supply (12/24Vdc)
• Backlight illuminated function keys.
• Equipped with LED torch.
• CAN BUS interface for data transfer.
• Capable of operating in a wide range of ambient temperatures.
• Water-proof housing.