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BTR QSY 300-300

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The presence of a composite, aluminium or steel counter flange, separated from the system's supporting structure, makes the installation of the entire system easy, safe and compliant to current regulations on joints requirements.
The engine joined to the structure inside the keel, and a single moving body crossing the in-out barrier as well as a protection against mechanical overloading caused by accidental impacts when the system is open, make the Quick projet especially safe.
A further guarantee of reliability is the high quality materials used for both designed and commercial parts.
High galvanic protection by means of sacrificial anodes. Reduced sizes and integrated electronics complete the list of BTR Quick propeller advantages.
The QSY-Quick Synchronous Motors thrusters have an extended rate in standard environmental conditions, thus reaching 10 minutes continuous operation. BT QSY thrusters are compatible with the new Quick controls QNC.